Gantt Chart with Example

Gantt chart

Gantt chart is a very simple and easy to understand chart to graphically show the project plan. You can download a free Gantt chart template from our Market Place. Otherwise, you can use MS Excel to easily construct a nice looking and informative Gantt chart. The Gantt chart Excel example is sown in Fig -1. When we prepare our project charter, we can include Gantt chart to show case the planned activities and timelines.

It is named after Henry Gantt and it displays events as a function of Time or cost. Each activity is shown as a horizontal bar with ends positioned at the start and end dates of the activity.

Some of the advantages of Gantt chart:

1. It is very easy to construct, one can use MS Excel to create one. You can download the excel template for free.

2. Very easy to present, any type of audience can understand it. So you can use this to present your project plan or any other activity that you have planned.

3. Activities don’t need to be sequential, parallel activities can also be depicted here.

4. You can also present actual progress Vs planned.

5. Since it can be created in Excel, it is very easy to update.

Use of Gantt chart is not limited to Six Sigma projects but it can be used to show case any kind of project plan with timelines like Transition plan, Maintenance plan etc. So now you have a tool which is very easy to construct and edit, use it where ever you need to share a project plan.

Some of the limitations of Gantt chart:

1. They do not show the interactions or interdependencies among the activities.

2. The effect of early or late start can not be shown.

3. The network relationship between activities which are indicated in PERT and CPM charts, are not shown in the Gantt chart.


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