Machine Learning, Data Science and Python Training in Mumbai/Thane

Our classroom Machine Learning trainings are focused on learning with practical examples and are taught by industry experts. We make sure that you learn the basics and bring you at par with industry standards.

Why Python for Machine Learning

Python is the one of the most popular programming languages of recent times and is a skill in high demand. It is a general-purpose programming language which means it can be used to build just about anything, which will be made easy with the right tools/libraries. Professionally, Python is great for backend web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing.


It is preferable for the user to have a laptop with the following configuration
Operating System : Windows 8.1 or above
Processor : 64 bit

Although 64-bit is the preferred version one can also use 32-bit, but need to install the relevant version of Python for optimal utilization of the course.

Software Required:

Throughout the course, we will be using Anaconda Python Distribution which is a convenient starting point for beginners as it has many basic and useful packages pre-loaded.
It is advised to just download the software and install it according to the instructions provided in the course curriculum. Alternatively, the first hour of the training program will be spent in how to install Anaconda Python distribution for optimal usage. Participants can install it during the first hour of the training program.

Course 1: Machine Learning and Data Science with Python – Entry Level

Who can take this course

Anyone who has prior experience in Python programming can take this course. Programmers, Data Analysts, Data Science aspirants benefit from this course by learning advanced concepts that will enable them to adapt to the programming constructs used in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence domain.

Course Objective

1.Introduction to Jupyter IDE for Data Science

Data Exploration with Pandas

Data Visualization with Seaborn and Matplotlib

Types of Machine Learning Algorithms


Day 1

Data Science Programming IDEs: Jupyter , Google Collaboratory , Binder , NBConvert

Day 2

Data Exploration with Pandas:
Reading structured and unstructured data with Pandas
Quick Data Summary Generation with Pandas
Slicing and Sub setting Data frames by rows and columns

Business Objects

Object Studio

Day 3

Data Exploration with Pandas:
Cleaning and Standardizing data
Treating Missing Values with Pandas
Using Custom Functions with Pandas
Pivot Table, Aggregation Operations with Pandas

Day 4

Introduction to Data Science:
Types of Machine learning Algorithms – Part 1

Day 5

Types of Machine learning Algorithms – Part 2

Course 2: Machine Learning and Data Science with Python – Advance Level

Course Objective

1.Types of Machine Learning Algorithms

Top 10 – Machine Learning Algorithms with examples

Solving Kaggle Competition Problems


Day 1

Top 10 ML Algorithms Part 1 Regressions – Linear and Logistic

Day 2

Top 10 ML Algorithms Part 2 Classification Algorithms (Decision Tree, Random Forest , Naïve Bayes)

Day 3

Top 10 ML Algorithms Part 3 Clustering Algorithms (KNN , sk-Fuzzy , DBScan)

Day 4

Top 10 ML Algorithms Part 4 Ensemble Modelling and Gradient Boosting

Day 5

Top 10 ML Algorithms Part 5 – Support Vector Machines

Day 6

Dimensionality Reduction with LDA , PCA

Day 7

Kaggle Practice Problems ( Regression , Clustering )

Day 8

Kaggle Practice Problems – Day 2 ( Classification ), Image and text


1.Do I need to bring in my laptop?

Ans – Yes, laptop is required because we use practical examples and exercises to teach all our courses.

2. Who are the trainers, do they have industry experience?

Ans – Most of our trainers are working professionals, so they train on weekends. We also have few trainers who are freelance consultants. They take up projects for companies and work from home, so they are available for week days.

3. Do you give certificate on successful completion of training?

Ans – Yes, we do provide certificate of completion and you can use it as a testimonial of your learning.

4. Do you provide any help in better placement post training?

Ans – Yes, our aim is to upskill and find the right fitment for you. We have a sister concern which does specialized HR consultancy.


We have been providing training since 2018, most our trainers have experience of conducting trainings for more than 5 years.

Our team has provided trainings to many corporate clients as well as engineering and management institutes. So far our team has trained > 450 professionals from different organizations.

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