What is SIPOC – SIPOC Template and SIPOC Example

SIPOC is a high level process map and is explained here with a SIPOC diagram example. SIPOC stands for Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs and Customers. This is designed to be a high level process view with 6-7 process steps displayed. This helps the team to view the process together with all the important components.

S – Supplier : The person or organization providing resources (manpower, material, information or service) to the process

I – Input : Information, material, service or manpower

P – Process : The set of steps/activities that transform the inputs into outputs

O – Output : The final product or service resulting from the process

C – Customer : The person, organization or process that receives the output

SIPOC helps to identify the process boundaries and well defined start and stop points. It also helps to identify key stakeholders i.e. Suppliers and customers. It will also help the team to identify data collection needs. SIPOC helps everyone see the business from an overall process perspective by :

  • Displaying cross- functional activities in simple diagrams
  • Providing framework applicable to processes of all sizes
  • Providing methods for adding additional details as needed
  • Helps the cross functional team to understand process approach and interdependencies

Create it along with the team, a meeting room with wall space can be used to display the process steps. Post- it- notes can be used to map the process.

Name the process and identify the Scope, Start and Stop points

Under Process column:

List the high-level process steps

The process step must begin with a verb.

Don’t create a detailed map; should be 6 steps or less

Under Outputs column:

List the tangible, measurable Outputs produced from the process and relevant to the problem at hand.

Under Customers column

List the Customers who receive these Outputs

Under Inputs column:

List the tangible, measurable Inputs required to produce the Outputs.

Under Supplier column:

List the Suppliers who supply the Inputs to the process

Order that has to be followed while preparing SIPOC is COPIS
Start with Customer in focus, Outputs of concern, Process followed, Inputs to the process and their Suppliers

Here is an example from a contact center operations, customers contact in case of any technical or billing issue and it is handled by an advisor. As you can see in the diagram, there are multiple stakeholders involved in the process. Some stakeholders are suppliers and others are customers. Suppliers provide inputs at different stages of the process, similarly different stages of the process also produce different outputs which we need to identify.